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Automation Services

ORIGIN Industries Ltd. provides the following services to enable our clients to discover solutions, make informed decisions and predict outcomes. Automation Engineering, SCADA Engineering, Project Management, Front End Engineering & Design Studies (FEED), Communications and Network Design & Auditing, Acceptance Testing & Commissioning, Operations & Maintenance Technical Support & Training, Custom Applications For Process Optimization, Equipment Life Cycle Planning and Equipment Upgrade Retro-Fitting. ORIGIN Industries strives to train and maintain a vendor-neutral approach to our automation solutions. Our fully trained and experienced team has the knowledge to work with all aspects of your automation needs.

System Programming and Integration

ORIGIN’s approach to addressing automated systems is to LISTEN, PLAN, DESIGN, PROGRAM, TEST, and IMPLEMENT. We start by LISTENING and establishing our client’s specific needs and requirements. We then PLAN and determine the hardware and/or software technology appropriate for reaching our client’s needs and requirements. We then DESIGN, PROGRAM, TEST AND IMPLEMENT an automated system that provides a reliable, non-proprietary, robust and scalable solution for the products entire lifecycle.

Our thorough development process gives clients the opportunity to provide feedback before major configuration has begun, thus reducing programming change costs, capturing potential customization, and encouraging organizational involvement in the project.

After design and programming, ORIGIN Industries will:

  • Test the configuration and receive client acceptance prior to implementation
  • Test the system after implementation for a second client sign off
  • Commission and optimize implementation
  • Establish effective operation strategies
  • Provide operator training using documentation and hands on methods

Origin Automation System

    ORIGIN Automation System & Integrated Solutions


Proper and accurate flow measurement is vital to most organizations as it essentially a cash register for a company. The accuracy of this information is crucial for royalty and processing fee payments, and presents a risk to your organization if configured incorrectly.

ORIGIN industries provides the following Measurement services:

  • Measurement Audits
  • Meter configuration
  • Calibration Services
  • Regulatory compliant RTU & PLC Configuration
  • SCADA report configuration

In addition to the above, ORIGIN can provide long term solutions by implementing the recommended changes, establish and monitor regular calibration schedules, provide required AER and OGC meter startups, commissioning of meters back to SCADA systems, and implementation of database reporting.


Integrating Electrical, Control, Security, and Communication systems requires reliable, robust, secure and scalable communication networks.

ORIGIN Industries provides communication design and implementation services for copper, fiber, wireless and hybrid media based systems. We ensure that the most reliable, cost effective method is chosen for each individual network.

These systems typically can include; but are not limited to the following protocols:

  • Ethernet TCP/IP, UDP
  • DH, DH+, DH 485, CIP
  • ControlNet, DeviceNet
  • ProfiBus, ProfiNET
  • Foundation Fieldbus
  • Modbus, Modbus Plus, Enron Modbus
  • RS232/RS422/RS485
  • BSAP
  • ROC & ROC+ Protocol
  • RealFlo
  • MOXA Industrial Networking Products
  • Digi Industrial Networking Products


Both Cyber and physical security are key applications for any SCADA project. We work closely with our clients to implement the most appropriate level of security for each individual application.

ORIGIN Industries can provide the following Security Solutions:

  • Industrial network security and vulnerability audits
  • Hardware and Software solutions
  • Systems which connect media with enterprise level networks
  • Applications to monitor, track, record, and alert appropriate personnel
  • Version control software
  • Video Surveillance
  • Door, window, cabinet and motion sensors and alarms

Security for facilities is a national concern. Legislation is in the works to provide additional security to industrial networks. ORIGIN Industries has the expertise to provide assessments and provide a list of recommendations to correct any potential threats in the facilities industrial networks.

In addition to the assessments and recommendations, ORIGIN Industries can procure, implement, and monitor the selected security measures.


Other Services

Facility Improvement

  • Plant Optimization
  • Well Optimization
  • Measurement Improvements
  • Facility performance and debottlenecking
  • Environmental and safety issue solutions
  • Enhanced production services
  • Troubleshooting
  • Training
  • Documentation
  • Upgrades and conversions

Operating Area

  • Brownfield Upstream Oil and Gas Production Facilities
  • Greenfield Upstream Oil and Gas Production Facilities
  • Gas Production & Processing
  • Oil Production & Processing
  • Transportation Facilities
  • NGL Stripping Facilities
  • Pipelines
  • Storage Facilities
  • Fisher ROC Remote Operations Controller

    Bristol Babcock RTU 3305

    Bristol Babcock RTU 3305
  • Fisher ROC Remote Operations Controller

    Fisher ROC Remote Operations Controller

    Fisher ROC Remote Operations Controller
  • FloBoss 107

    Floboss 107

    Floboss 107
  • Allen-Bradley Control Logix 5563

    Logix 5563

    Allen-Bradley Control Logix 5563
  • Moxa


    MOXA Industrial Networking Product
  • Compact Logix L43

    Allen Bradley Compact Logix L43

    Allen Bradley Compact Logix L43